Expert Author Beverly Keyes Taylor
Knowing the difference between how a male and female prospect thinks should change the way you market your products and services to them. Cutting edge research now shows you how the brain chemistry affects men and women differently. And, knowing and routinely using this knowledge as a business manager or employer with prospects, customers and employees can make a huge difference in business' success.
Brain Chemistry Differences
It's similar to understanding someone who initially speaks what you perceive is a foreign language. If you can only speak English, you lose sales to probably all other people who speak a foreign language. Taking and using this new training, you learn to speak a new language of prospects who are already looking for your company's solutions.
For example, men may communicate incorrectly with women because women think differently from men. The brain's left hemisphere lives in an entirely different world and does completely different things and thinks completely differently from the way a woman does. But with this Gender Brain Chemistry technology, what was once hidden from men now becomes revealed. And what was once hidden from women also becomes revealed. This understanding of how the other side of the brain thinks improves communication and sales for businesses unlike anything out there.
How Does our Brain Chemistry Affect Us at Work?
Brain chemistry drives us in how we think, feel and act. For example, men's bodies crave testosterone and this shows up as desiring challenge, deadlines, goals, taking credit, to be left alone, and to be shown appreciation. Women's bodies crave oxytocin and this shows up as sharing credit, caring about employees and customers, trust, rapport, intentions, desiring respect. This affects interactions between manager and employee, between employees, with customers.
What Are The Benefits?
Here are some benefits to business owners, consultants, sole-proprietorships, whatever business you are in.
Cutting edge brain chemistry training brings results:
· Prospective customers or clients feel trust quickly and are more likely to buy.
· Customer retention occurs because customers feel that the company understands exactly what they need and will refer friends to the company for sales.
· Productivity Gains- when employees feel fulfilled, they naturally desire to do more for their employer to keep their jobs secure. Employees that stay longer saves the company 'new hire' costs associated with training and advertising for the new employee. So employee retention rates go up. For people who consult or have no employees, they improve sales because they know exactly what the prospect wants and can clearly give it to them. Also, they understand new ways about how to find qualified prospects.
· Other benefits include improved morale. With improved morale, employees are less likely to steal from their employer.
· Happy employees are ones who remain well longer. That equates to less insurance claims submitted by them and increased productivity because they are at work longer.
· This training reduces training costs in the long run because it's based on the science of how the brain works. So, the training is classic and can be taught again and again in the future without having to rehire me to retrain new employees. The local training office can use this training for new hires.