Expert Author Beverly Keyes Taylor
In our story about Lee, Ed and Dave working at school, Dave, the boys' boss, is acting grumpy instead of helping them understand how to correctly do their job. Even though they've asked for assistance in understanding the best way to do their job, Dave waves them away like pesky house flies with a brusque, "Just do it right." response.
The boys feel mystified as to why Dave refuses to provide job clarity. They know doing their job accurately would also create greater job security for Dave because ultimately Dave is responsible for keeping the school clean.
In this second part of the article, read through and see the brain chemistry activity occurring in the story. When you understand and use Gender Brain Chemistry in your workplace, you can increase work productivity, save time, frustration, money and resources, improve employee retention rate and boost morale. Happy employees work harder for the company. So keep reading to see what happens next.
1. What Can Dave Do To Increase His Testosterone and Dopamine Levels?
A stressed man working in a job uses up the hormone testosterone and the neurotransmitter dopamine. The hormone testosterone reduces stress and creates a sense of well-being in a man. Dopamine creates the ability to focus, provides energy and the feeling of motivation to get up and do something meaningful. Depleting his testosterone and dopamine levels, a man feels grumpy and depressed. Luckily, he can naturally increase these neurochemicals. He can increase these substances in a healthy way or an unhealthy way.
2. Unhealthy Ways a Man Increases Testosterone and Dopamine in His Brain
When a man listens to loud music, intolerantly watches action TV flipping through the channels with the remote, impatiently plays video games, participates in risky behaviors like recklessly driving a car or motorcycle or uses addictive drugs or alcohol, he also increases his testosterone and dopamine. So those men you see doing these types of behaviors are actually unconsciously intending to help their brain chemistry return to balance. They've just chosen less healthy ways to do it.
3. Healthy Ways a Man Increases Testosterone and Dopamine in His Brain
Luckily, he can also increase these essential brain neurochemicals by 1) eating nutrition-rich foods that includes protein foods such as whey, shrimp, crab, cod, flounder, abalone, lobster, clams and black beans; 2) excluding processed sugars and sugary foods like soda pop, junk food, bakery goods, pizza, bread, potato chips, etc.; 3) getting adequate daily rest; 4) doing something that helps him feel like he's accomplished something purposeful like going on an invigorating bicycle ride, taking a drive, going for a long walk, achieving a goal where he feels confident and happy about achieving it and 5) typically mentally, physically and emotionally living a healthy lifestyle.
As an aside, if the boys had known about brain chemistry technology and how to use it, they would have made a genuine comment encouraging Dave to hang in there. If they had said, "We appreciate the job you do here. Because of you, the school is very clean." or something like this, the brain part that raises testosterone for Dave would have helped reduce his stress by creating more of this hormone for him.
4. Summary
In our story, if Dave would ask for help regarding his wife's care, that would further reduce his testosterone because when a man asks for help, he typically feels like he's admitting he's incompetent. However, there would be value in Dave asking for assistance. His wife would get the care she needs and Dave could then focus more on his work. His stress reduced, he would naturally improve his testosterone and dopamine levels. He might consider asking a local church for some help or some relatives. That could be one possibility to improve Dave's situation. He would do less caregiving which would increase his testosterone balance because caregiving requires using oxytocin.
Additionally, taking time to explain to the boys how to more accurately do their janitorial tasks would save time, frustration and probably resources for Dave. It would improve employee morale, increase job satisfaction for the workers and help with employee retention rates. Low job turnover rate would help the school reduce new employee training and advertising costs necessary when searching for new help.
Finally, Dave could reduce his stress which would increase his sense of well-being and reduce the chances of him suffering serious health situations for both him and his wife. His wife was probably concerned about Dave's stress level. Her feeling stressed about Dave would be depleting her oxytocin and serotonin levels. Decreased oxytocin and serotonin for her would lengthen her recovery time. So, if Dave knew and used Gender Brain Chemistry technology, he could improve the situation for himself, his wife, the boys and the school in various ways.