How Chocolate Can Boost Productivity and Profits

Expert Author Alexandria Joy
Decades of research, in multiple countries round the world, has shown time and again that investing during a positive, high-trust workplace culture yields distinct, tangible business benefits. Studies show that great workplaces enjoy significantly lower turnover and better financial performance than industry peers.

In a nutshell - positive teams means a positive workplace and positive profits. Sounds simple. The trick is making it happen.

So what do most positive company cultures have in common? Let's call it the individuality Quotient factor - recognising the unique strengths in every individual).

Our work and research has shown that positive employees work harder and are more productive than their but chipper peers. the very fact is these people prefer to give their best work a day because they feel appreciated, valued and ready to contribute their talents. the businesses that grow these cultures recognise and deliver on the promise to value their people as their most vital asset.

It starts with the corporate recognizing and embracing the unique value of each individual employee and giving them a chance to try to to their best work. this suggests all managers must get to understand their employees - their strengths and skills and take a sincere interest in understanding how they learn, grow and work best.

Here's three tips to make a more giving company culture that leads to a more productive, positive and powerful workforce:

Give feedback - people crave feedback, yet much of corporate communication is lacking during this area. When employees do not feel heard as a private , they do not feel respected or positive about the workplace. When this happens, they start to seem for of greener pastures. Upskill your managers in the way to have coaching conversations in order that they can start taking note of , developing and leveraging the talent in their teams. found out a quarterly or monthly meeting where the entire team can talk through their ideas and suggestions, and make certain to wave the flag once you implement an employee-suggested concept.

Give back - most of the people want to figure for a corporation they will be pleased with , and this suggests doing well by doing good within the world. (This is particularly important for Millennial workers). Your company must grow its capabilities within the EQ Quadrant of the individuality Quotient Powerhouse to become more socially responsible and more in-tuned together with your area people . Get call at the area people and find ways to assist , offer volunteer days off or align your company with a charity who is doing great work.

Give chocolate - Need I say more? Is there anything chocolate can't do? Rewarding and recognising staff for employment well done or for living consistent with your values and culture needn't be reserved for the annual company dinner. Nothing works better than immediate, positive reinforcement so why not keep some sweet chocolate treats within the workplace for just such rewards? Workers wish to snack during the day, and a fast word of thanks (or hand written note) with a sugary pick-me-up attached is certain to hit the spot. it is a quick and straightforward thanks to improve mood and productivity.
A great company culture can keep people productive and assist you retain your best employees. If your bottom line needs a lift and you would like to show some frowns the wrong way up then consider making giving a priority for your company culture. Using a number of these outside-of-the-box methods, you'll give your team a smile and provides your company a productivity boost.


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