Three Fonts You Should Never Use Professionally

Expert Author Alexandria Joy
Sometimes the primary thing someone sees folks is in writing - it'd be our online profile, an internet site or even a mail letter or advertisement.

So it's super important to consciously shape our brand image by choosing the proper fonts and appearance to reflect what we would like to be remembered for. And you would like to be remembered as awesome, professional and upbeat and not some daggy, has been right?

So to assist you shape your personal or company brand, i'm getting to placed on my hat and become the FONT POLICE and kick those overused fonts to the curb!

Here are 3 fonts you would like to prevent using professionally now if you would like to remain cool:

#1 Papyrus

Make me happy - use anything but Papyrus. Yes these are my personal opinions i'm sharing here but please for the sake of humanity, Papyrus should be a banned font. there's just one exception to the present rule of obstaining from using this typeface which is that if you're an 11 year old kid preparing a faculty project on Ancient Egypt.

Really i can not see the other reasons why you ought to ever, ever think about using this font. Don't go there because you think that your café menu must look rustic or exotic. No you do not want to use it for your headings on your resume so you look arty and word document prolific. It's all wrong.

If you actually need something that appears distinctive yet rustic perhaps try Aquiline Two or Orchidee.

#2 Curlz MT

Oh my lordy, wordy, yes indeedy this one may be a doosy and it makes my eyes scream no!!

Seriously, unless you're making Humpty Dumpty biscuits for toddlers i can not imagine any reason for you to modify to using Curlz MT as your brand font.

Curlz MT is simply too well curly, it's overdone, childlike, squiggly do this says nothing about you aside from you've got bad taste and are over the highest with none style or substance.

Make the font police happy and swap your curlz MT for an additional more appropriate typeface like Amadeus.

#3 Comic Sans

Can I hear an Amen to the top of this one? Comic Sans is so chatty and customary , so overused. Granted it are often an ingenious addition to a slide presentation for teenagers because it's easy to read on screen and it's commonly installed on just about every computer so you're guaranteed that your documents will look an equivalent when opened by somebody else . However that's about all this font has going for it.

But on your professional letters, documents or website - heck no!! It's semi comic, cartoony style makes it just all wrong for professional documents. I've seen it on billboards, bakery menus, day care newsletters and conservation posters. If you are looking for something childlike and fun that's not overused then try Good Dog out as a font.


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