Don't Accumulate It


Expert Author Olachi Amah

There is no perfect timing for the right things to do or the right words to say. People prepare so much for a particular day when they will say it all for the sake of surprise or for the sake of trying to impress that they gave it all their best. Not bad, but what of the situation where you have prepared and you never had the chance as you planned you would. It could happen in both ways; the good and the bad. The good things to do and to say are often thought off, sometimes written and planned out on the best way of presentation, it may take weeks, months, or even years to put it all together hoping for the best platform to lay it bare.
But sometimes it does not always work out as we planned, circumstances come and take the other of the day and all you have worked for come to naught because you have been accumulating it for the perfect time.

As for the bad stuffs, when you are offended by someone, you look so attentively for other possible mistakes that might have been made, you keeping digging until you are satisfied with the results you have to bring the person down. You keep it accumulating for the perfect time to "explode and vomit all the food cooked up inside you" but just at the nick of time, you find out that something went wrong with the person you intend to confront, something so much worse than what you had in mind and the anger keeps accumulating. Life has so many uncertainties for you to bank on a certain time to show appreciation and love.

Love is expressed when you feel it. But people want to take their time to understand what they really feel before they relay it to the person they are having such feelings for, asking God on what to do is the simplest solution which they fail to remember. Some people are never sure of who and what they want and they end up becoming confused; and before their very eyes the one they love is taken away from them. Their conclusion becomes "he or she is not meant for me". Now am not saying it is wrong to take your time to be sure of what you feel, but it is also important to know that love is unconditional, when you begin to love as Jesus did, making the right choice becomes easier.

There are so many situations where people remember others only after they have passed away. They organize the biggest celebration and festivities in their name. Some do not know the cause of death of the people they are celebrating. They say all the nice things about them. If only the dead could see, am sure they would wish they were alive to witness these grand ceremonies held in their honor. And I ask why the person can't be celebrated while alive. "There is no remembrance of God in the grave" psalm 6:5. Say it as often as you can, appreciate the small and the big things as often as you get the chance. You can never tell when next.


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